Daily Schedule

A2Z Christian School is designed to address the specific needs of each age and stage in a child’s development.  The goals of our curriculum are to help children develop a positive sense of self (who they are in God), be active and creative explorers, and in the process become enthusiastic learners.  Our program addresses goals in all areas of development.


It is our desire to help children know God and the love of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We worship God through song and prayer, and learn about Him through His Word, and through interaction with the teacher and classmates throughout the day.

Social – Emotional:

We also desire to help children feel comfortable at school, to nurture their sense of trust, autonomy and belonging. We give them daily opportunities to experience a healthy pride and confidence, to develop independence and self-control.  We want them to have a positive, Godly outlook on life.


We work to foster a child’s ability to ask questions, describe their ideas, observations and feelings, to help children acquire problem-solving skills. We want children to develop a love for learning by providing play opportunities through which they can explore and investigate, construct and create, pretend and recreate, discover and document.


We give opportunity for children to develop their large and small muscle skills and to feel confident in using them.





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