Many of the resources I use I make.  I really don’t use many printable because children learn better when they are able to manipulate what they are counting.

Here I drew some dots and had them match them to the correct number.

We Used a graph and some unifix cubes to count up to number six.  We also went over “more or less.” With this activity they can see how the number increase and decrease.

After we practice counting with the cubes we used stamps

Here are some worksheets very similar to my activity.

Number Chart 1-5

Number Chart 6-10

Number Chart – 1 to 30

Counting Triangles: We practiced counting triangles and then had to circle the correct number.

Here are some worksheets I use.  Some I print out and some I just simply remake like the sample above.

Count. Write how many – Worksheet 1

Count. Write how many – Worksheet 2

Count. Write how many – Worksheet 3

Count and Match Worksheet 1

Count and Match Worksheet 2

Count and Match Worksheet 3

Count and Circle – Worksheet 1

Count and Circle – Worksheet 2

Count and Circle – Worksheet 3

Count the dots


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  1. Nice post. I went through the post I found it very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.


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