I have so many books related to apples that I felt it would be appropriate to create a whole thematic unit on it.  The kids love it!  I usually do it around September when apples are so cheap so we can make some apple pies.  Here are some resources I’ve found in several pages. Of course I don’t do every activity, but these are some activities I use and others that I want to do.

This is an awesome Apple Lesson Plan that I found.  It covers every subject! It truly is amazing, it has graphics and work samples.


Apple Songs

3D Fruit Mobile


Apple Baskets

Apple Connect the Dots 1-10

Apple Unit

Apple tree coloring page (use finger prints for apples)

Apple Seed Counting Book

Tracer Page – Aa is for Apple

Make an Apple Pattern

Apple Themed Color Word worksheet

Apple/Letter A Counting Worksheet numbers 0-5

Apple Pocket Chart Numbers 1-20

Apple Eyeglasses

Apple Letter Dot to Dot



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