About The School

A2Z Christian School believes that “play is a child’s work” and that through play, children acquire the foundations for reading, writing, and logical thinking. Learning through play is the preparation children need before they can understand how to use abstract symbols such as letters and numbers. Before children can understand the concept of “soft” and “hard” they need to experience “soft” and “hard” by working with play dough or building with blocks. Before they can hold a pencil or control it to make a letter on paper, they need to have developed their small muscle skills through cutting, pasting, pouring, stringing beads, kneading dough and drawing. Likewise, to understand why 1 + 3 = 4, a child needs to first have concrete experiences of counting objects, sorting them into piles, adding and removing some. In this way they acquire the foundation for logical thinking to later do math.


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